As a member of the Trans-tech Network, TransBIOTech can offer its clients benefits in terms of governmental financial programs and tax credits associated with research and development. Here is a list of available financing support.

MESRST: Programme d'aide à la recherche et au transfert (PART) Volet technologique

Eligibility: Project that involves a company and has the goal of supporting applied research conducted by a technology transfer college centre (CCTT). The project must be innovative.

Grant: The grant application is being prepared by TransBIOTech. Biannual proposal (October and March). Financial assistance of up to $50,000 paid to the CCTT including a grant of $36,000 and up to $14,000 in labour costs for a teacher-research professional. Cash contribution required for the company (> 20% of the total project).

NSERC: Applied Research and Development (ARD)

Eligibility: Research and development projects conducted jointly by professional researchers at colleges and their private sector partners.

Level 1 : up to $25,000 with monetary contribution of approximately 25 % from the company
Level 2 : up to $75,000 with contribution from the company (33% +)
Level 3 : more than $75,000 with contribution from the company (50% +)

MDEIE: Support for Technological Intensification

Eligibility: Companies with fewer than 200 employees. Project involving a Technology Transfer College Centre (CCTT) and aiming for corporate innovation via the introduction and adaptation of new technologies or via the development of new procedures and products.

Grant: MDEIE contribution of 50% of project cost with a maximum contribution of $50,000 provided to the company. May be combined with up to another 10% of governmental subsidies.

NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

Eligibility: The program is aimed at companies with 500 or fewer employees to develop or improve a commercial product or process involving a high enough degree of technological uncertainty

Grant: NRC-IRAP helps, with shared costs, in the research and development of technical projects at the pre-competitive stage through non-repayable financial assistance.

Refundable tax credit for technological adaptation services

The expenses non-allowable for R & D tax credit may be eligible for the refundable tax credit for technological adaptation, exclusively granted to CCTT. This refundable tax credit allows Quebec companies to recover 40% of the cost of services rendered by the CCTT.

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