TransBIOTech is a center for research and transfer of biotechnology for companies working in life sciences and biotechnology. The center provides services primarily for research but also technical assistance services to small and medium-size enterprises. The activities of TransBIOTech primarily involve the development of proof of concept and innovation projects aimed at improving health in the following areas:

- functional food
- nutraceuticals
- pharmaceuticals (drugs)
- cosmetics and cosmeceuticals
- natural health products

TransBIOTech assists companies at various stages of development of their innovations both in terms of product characterization and in vitro studies but also to conduct preclinical in vivo studies in the animal facility of the research center. By entrusting their projects to TransBIOTech, companies benefit from privileged access to various tax credits and research grants giving them a major competitive advantage. TransBIOTech has become a major player in health research thanks to the financial advantage it provides but also through its expertise in various disciplines of life sciences:

- immunology
- pharmacology
- metabolomics
- microbiology
- analytical chemistry

TransBIOTech also offers its customers a unique approach based on dynamic customer-oriented flexibility, synergy, collaboration, commitment to quality and a flexible approach to managing intellectual property.

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