Why TransBIOTech ?

  • For its technological expertise and its team of experts;
  • For laboratories and specialized equipment;
  • For its animal facility and state-of-the-art installations;
  • For its validated analytical methods;
  • For its financial assistance for projects in applied research and development;
  • For its regional, provincial, national and international network of expert resources;
  • For its contributions to the development of technical education through the transfer of technology;
  • For business relationships with the staff of SMEs and large corporations;
  • For its dynamic and synergistic customer approach.


TransBIOTech promises you an approach that recognizes the demands of the market and industry realities. Therefore, the research center offers you:

  • Flexibility. Our team can support your research project or one of its stages to assist you in your efforts quickly.
  • Synergy. We build with each of our customers a synergistic relationship resulting in close collaboration throughout the project.
  • Concern for quality. Our team and protocols meets established rules and internationally accepted standards.
  • Intellectual Property. We promise a flexible approach to managing intellectual property.

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